The Arthur A. Derrick Award

The Arthur A. Derrick Award that is presented annually by IQH to recognize a physician’s outstanding efforts to the quality program was created in 1993 in memory of Dr. Derrick. The Durant physician is remembered for his special contributions to medicine in the state and as a long-time supporter of quality improvement and the organization’s work. It is an award that emphasizes the importance of quality improvement. Please see the list of Derrick Award winners.

Year Physician Name
2013 Edward E. Bryant
2012 Magdi Wassef
2011 William Jackson
2010 Rodney Frothingham
2009 Samuel Peeples
2008 Lee Greer
2007 Leonard Brandon
2006 Steve Parven
2005 Stanley Hartness
2004 Ken Davis
2003 Ralph Dunn
2002 Tom MItchell
2001 Alton Cobb
2000 Candace Keller
1999 David Lee Gordon
1998 Jack Evans
1997 Glenn Peters
1996 George Abraham
1995 John Cook
1994 Richard Miller
1993 Tom Fenter

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